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The Magnolia Point 

Transforming Healthcare with Every Interaction

At Magnolia Point, we go beyond traditional healthcare to offer an ecosystem of support for every twist and turn in your health journey. Our platform is designed to manage health daily, adapting to sudden reactions and unexpected events with precision and insight.


  • Everyday Health Management: Experience immediate insights into how genes and daily substances interact, ensuring your health is managed with precision at every moment. For example, a patient bitten by ants could instantly check the compatibility of Benadryl with their ongoing medication, receiving an updated PGx report on the spot.

  • Shaping Patient Care in Real Time: Our platform empowers providers to adapt medication scenarios in real-time, ensuring tailored patient recommendations. When faced with a reaction to a medication like Lipitor, healthcare providers can instantly identify safer alternatives based on genetic responses.

  • Beyond the Prescription Pad: With over 15,000 entries covering everything from common cold remedies to recreational substances, our platform ensures providers can offer clear, comprehensive consultations. For instance, a consideration for Botox revealed a potential negative interaction with Zoloft, alerting the patient to possible respiratory side effects.

  • Support Beyond the Report: We believe that understanding is just as crucial as data. Our commitment to comprehensive care includes Clinical PGx counseling, where every report is validated by a PGx Specialist Pharm D for unmatched accuracy and care. A first-responder, for example, found relief in discovering their symptoms were due to drug interactions, not a more severe underlying condition.

Real-Time Adaptation, Comprehensive Care

Magnolia Point stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, ensuring every patient receives personalized, precise, and proactive care. Our approach is not just about managing medications; it's about supporting the entire health journey, providing peace of mind and fostering well-being.

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