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Unlocking Tomorrow's Health: Precision Medicine Explored

Enable a targeted and individualized method for managing medications

Precision Technology With a Human Touch

Simplify the implementation of precision medicine in practical settings. Elevate your care model with Magnolia Point's comprehensive Health Intelligence Platform.


Our Solutions


Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Tailor your patients' dosage and medication selections through a comprehensive grasp of their distinct DNA profiles.


Medication Optimizer™

Detect safer medication options and dynamically adapt using a singular tool.


Precision Medicine Consults

Data is just the beginning. We emphasize understanding through Clinical PGx counseling and have a PGx Specialist Pharm D validate every report for unmatched patient care.

Working towards a better patient experience​

Failure to understand the whole person creates gaps in care that impact patient outcomes, healthcare spending, and quality performance. Improve on key metrics while driving process efficiencies through Magnolia Point’s platform.

Enhance prescribing confidence

Elevate the patient experience

Mitigate health risks within populations

Diminish adverse drug events

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