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Empower Every Prescription Choice with Medication Optimizer™

Medication Optimizer™ bridges the gap between complex genetic data and everyday healthcare decisions. By harnessing insights from genetics, daily substances, and real-time interactions, we guide both healthcare providers and patients towards safer, more effective medication plans.

How it Works: Our Pillars of Precision

Immediate Medication Insights

Even before delving into genetics, our platform stands ready to answer your questions. Understand the complexities of how different medications interact with one another. With our advanced tools, individuals can now work with their healthcare providers to make informed medication decisions. Healthcare providers are now empowered to discern potential drug interactions and consider alternative prescription paths with confidence.

Unlocking Genetics

Starting with a simple DNA swab, we translate the complexities of each person's genetic makeup into actionable insights. These findings can seamlessly integrate into a healthcare provider's EHR, enriching the medication management process. Once the insights are ready, they unlock a deeper understanding of how genes interact with medications, along with detailed information on drug toxicity, metabolism, and efficacy.

Why Medication Optimizer™ Stands Out

Holistic Health Insights

From sudden reactions to unexpected events, Medication Optimizer™ provides instant insights, considering genes, daily substances, and more. We're here for every twist and turn in a patient's health journey.

Real-Time Adaptability

Our platform seamlessly integrates with healthcare providers' workflows, allowing for on-the-spot adaptations of medication scenarios and delivering tailored patient recommendations.

Beyond Just Prescriptions

We cover almost everything — from cold remedies to recreational substances, with an impressive database of 15,000+ entries. Providers are equipped with a comprehensive resource, ensuring transparent and well-informed consultations.

Patient Outcomes

Witness the difference Medication Optimizer™ makes with these brief case study highlights.

Age or Medication Issue?


 82-year-old had multiple hospitalizations due to persistent dizziness.


 Identified drug interaction causing bradycardia.


Revised medication plan that has prevented additional hospitalizations.

Parkinson’s or Adverse Drug Reaction?


Tremors misdiagnosed as Parkinson's.


Interaction between Metformin and Citalopram found.


Avoided unnecessary Parkinson’s medication and resolved tremors.

Reflecting on Childhood Hospitalization


 Post-tonsillectomy hospitalization.


Detected genetic intolerance to codeine.


Resolved a long-standing medical mystery and has life-saving knowledge for the future.


Redefining Medication Management

Gone are the days of the "one size fits all" approach to prescriptions. With Medication Optimizer™, providers and patients alike can be confident in their medication choices, leading to safer, more effective outcomes, and an overall improved healthcare experience.

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