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Explore pharmacogenetics and precision medicine to gain insights into your body's unique response to medications.

Medications are not universally suitable for everyone.

Medications don't have a universal fit for everyone. Your body interacts with and processes medications uniquely, potentially influenced by your DNA. Pharmacogenetics, often abbreviated as PGx, blends the realms of pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genetics (the study of genes).

Imagine pharmacogenetic testing as a genetic examination specifically tailored for medications. This testing evaluates your genetic makeup to discern how you metabolize, react to, and tolerate various drugs. This valuable information empowers your healthcare provider to customize their medication choices, optimizing your treatment plan.

Magnolia Point PGx Testing:
From Swab to Insights

  • Get your results in just 12-14 business days.

  • Experience a painless cheek swab for sample collection.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive 18-gene panel, covering 61 unique genetic variations.

  • Receive guidance on the most frequently prescribed medications, combined with our cutting-edge software.

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Unlocking Genes, Paving the Path to Wellness

Magnolia Point's PGx testing and our Medication Optimizer are crafted to empower your healthcare provider in making well-informed treatment choices

Minimize the trial-and-error approach by providing your provider with valuable insights to refine medication choices.


Gain insights to prior medication reactions and further understand upcoming prescription choices made by your healthcare provider.


Identify medications that can cause symptoms of drug toxicity.


Prevent adverse drug reactions from medication interactions or genetic responses that may lead to undesirable outcomes.


Protect your wallet and emotional state by avoiding unnecessary healthcare appointments, unused medications, and other related expenses.


Less waiting, more understanding – get timely insights into your medication compatibility.

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