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Your Personalized Path To Wellness

Welcome to the forefront of a healthcare revolution, where the synergy of personalization and genetic insights is shaping a unique healthcare experience tailored just for you. Explore the future of healthcare, where your individuality takes center stage


Optimize Your Health Data

We're at the heart of a new healthcare era where personalization and genetic undertsanding come together, crafting a future of healthcare that is as unique as you are.

Optimizing treatment can take us from harm to healing

Each year, people suffer injuries or quit medications due to adverse drug reactions. Improving the approach to treatment can lead us from negative outcomes to the path of recovery.


15 million people 65 years of age and older face a poly pharmacy challenge (> five daily) 1


45% of surgeries involved medication errors and/or adverse drug events. 2


In annual costs due to wrong drugs and doses, skipped regimes, and drug interactions. 3


of outpatient adverse drug events are deemed preventable. 4

Supporting Your Success

Navigating the healthcare landscape with privacy, seamless connections, and steadfast support.

Privacy and Security

We understand the significance of privacy. Our robust security measures, inclusive of HIPAA compliance, protect the confidentiality of sensitive health information, offering peace of mind. 


Innovative Integration

We bridge communication gaps in healthcare. By integrating with your existing systems using industry standards like HL7 & FHIR, we foster a seamless exchange of vital health information between providers and patients.


Reliable Customer Support

Our dedicated team is here to provide all the assistance you need. We're committed to ensuring the successful implementation and effective use of our solutions, always prioritizing your needs.


Anchored by Science and Research:


Of patients exhibit a genetic variation impacting drug response. 


Is how much the risk of a drug-related problem increases with each additional medication you take. 

1.3 Million

Is the staggering number of emergency department visits each year caused by adverse drug events.

Discover what Magnolia Point can do for you


Explore pharmacogenetics and precision medicine to gain insights into your body's unique response to medications.

Healthcare Provider 

At Magnolia Point, we're your partner in personalizing healthcare through our innovative pharmacogenomics (PGx) solution. 

Heroes Program

The Heroes Program is our tribute to the brave first responders who safeguard our communities daily. 

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